Current Jail Bookings

The Holmes County Sheriff's Office

Current Jail Bookings

The list of current inmate bookings for the Holmes County Sheriff's Office is updated on a regular basis, however there may be instances when the information is out of date. If you have any questions regarding current jail bookings, please contact our office at 330-674-5549.

Booking Number
Last Updated: 6/12/18
1800382Byers, Joseph Allen12/09/79A-Block
1800326Parker, Clayton Dale01/05/77A-Block
1800236Capalingo, Daniel Shane10/25/73A-Block
1800196Johnson, Jeffrey Walter02/25/67A-Block
1800318Sancic, Steven Michael05/23/75A-Block
1800257Morgan, Austin Michael07/18/91A-Block
1800379Vavro, Matthew Scott06/02/91A-Block
1800283Wilson, Thomas Michael02/28/92B-1
1800276Uhl, Cordell Clayborn03/02/99B-2
1800170Barnett, Jordan William05/13/82B-3
1800347Strain, Logan Matthew11/24/93B-5
1800359Baker, Nathane Allen08/10/82B-6
1800281Whitman, Brian Michael01/30/81C-1
1800028Kent, Brock Gregory11/3/90C-2
1800288Witner, Pete Andrew03/17/87C-2
1800183Preece, Robert Lynn04/21/79C-3
1800387Petrey, Jeffrey Allen08/30/73C-5
1700622Smith, Christian Malcom Jay07/12/99C-6
1800371Miller, Colton James09/26/99D-1
1800322Clinage, Randall Charles06/22/87D-2
1800282Malcuit, Joseph Michael06/15/86D-3
1800352Taylor, Christopher Michael09/10/84D-4
1800182Miller, Jonathan Ray10/30/96D-5
1800298Beavers, Ryan Thomas05/18/96D-6
1800176Kauffman, Kevin Elliot08/19/84D-7
1800161Harig, John Richard03/19/80D-8
1800368Hill, Myrtle Kay11/11/68E-1
1800005Hendrix, Samantha Kaye09/12/87E-2
1800200Rusinko-Morris, Angel Rose08/29/97E-3
1800375Asbury, Natasha Nicole7/26/85F-1
1800300Bates, Jamie Elisabeth01/29/82F-1
1800389Hartman, Briana Lynn06/14/99F-1
1800295Pierce, Lindsy Alean7/8/80F-2
1800289Miller, Brenda Lee12/31/80F-3
1800367Miller, Niva Jean01/13/63F-4
1800361Yost, Alisha Mae02/11/97F-4
1800296Price, Jeremy Thomas10/06/76G-Block
1800294Householder, David Allen09/30/61G-Block
1800374Thomas, Joseph Patrick02/02/74G-Block
1800355Rouse, Frankie Ray02/06/75H-3

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