Current Jail Bookings

The Holmes County Sheriff's Office

Current Jail Bookings

The list of current inmate bookings for the Holmes County Sheriff's Office is updated on a regular basis, however there may be instances when the information is out of date. If you have any questions regarding current jail bookings, please contact our office at 330-674-5549.

Booking Number
Last Updated: 2/07/18
1800029Spurlock, Donnie Michael02/22/94Weekender
1800044Whitley, William John01/14/64A-Block
1700720Johnson, Jeremy Lee08/08/80A-Block
1800059Henney, Owen Charles07/25/67A-Block
1700654Oneil, Jeremiah Shon07/25/86A-Block
1800058McMahon, Brian Robert02/27/91A-Block
1800040Longwell, Michael James09/28/86A-Block
1800032Franks, Joren Matthew1/29/97A-Block
1800067Zook, John Eugene11/22/78A-Block
1800056Taylor, Vernon Curtis09/02/83B-1
1700588Pittman, Dallan Lane06/14/89B-2
1700648Keyser, Jamie Lee02/06/90B-3
1800076Bennett, Tyler Paul4/7/98B-4
1800077McQuaid, Bryan Dale01/12/81B-4
1800080Lehman, Joshua Blake10/01/77B-5
1700212Miller, Kyle Eugene10/22/92B-6
1800012Meadows, Scott Dean6/22/71C-1
1800024Dayton, CG Thomas01/11/94C-2
1800035Fisher, Jason Dwayne06/04/69C-3
1800007Miller, David Allen10/29/88C-4
1800075Hershberger, Jamie Lee03/16/97C-5
1700563Cook, John Edward05/23/65C-6
1800031Crider, Jesse Lyn10/03/85D-1
1800066Canterbury, Joel Martin07/24/76D-2
1800074Sancic, Steven Michael05/23/75D-3
1800068Newsome, Alex Albert Gene11/12/95D-4
1700622Smith, Christian Malcom Jay07/12/99D-6
1700537Rose, Adam Michael10/26/91D-7
1700685James, Brandon Hans03/16/98D-8
1700611Troyer, Eric Todd8/15/80E-2
1800028Kent, Brock Gregory11/03/90E-3
1700696Slack, Okey Brenson12/10/81E-4
1700570Pierce, Lindsy Alean7/8/80F-1
1800009Zwayer, Brenda C06/13/90F-1
1700725Volke, Magdalena Rose05/05/94F-1
1700710Miller, Megan Kathryn11/12/89F-3
1800005Hendrix, Samantha Kaye09/12/87F-4
1800057Blankenship, Amber Dawn07/16/79F-4
1700488Mellor, Timothy William10/20/81G-Block
1800027Thomas, Joseph Patrick02/02/74G-Block
1800073McCoy, Todd Allen05/20/86H-3

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